We have been priviliged to work with some of the most amazing local designers and artists to create Qua collections over the years.

Our Artists and Designers

23 Nov 2020

Kenneth Lee - ART:DIS

Kenneth Lee, a young talented artist from ART:DIS' artist-in-training programme, specialises in incredibly intricate linework which translates beautifully on our lacquer products.
23 Nov 2020

Aaron Gan

10 Sep 2019

Jeanette Ng

Jeanette designed the Ivory Nyonya Collections
10 Sep 2019

Queck Mei Chien

Mei Chien designed the One-Line Singapore, Peranakan, Vanda Miss Joaquim and the Zodiac Series
10 Sep 2019

Raymond Lau - ART:DIS

Raymond Lau is an artist, represented by ART:DIS.
10 Sep 2019

Glenn Phua - Pathlight School

Glenn was discovered at age eight with a strong talent for art
10 Sep 2019

Selena Seow - Pathlight School

Selena is an artist at The Arts Faculty
10 Sep 2019

Leong Tung Seng - Pathlight School

Tung Seng started his career as an artist at age nine
09 Sep 2019

William Farquhar

William Farquhar, the first Resident Commandant of Singapore in 1819
10 May 2019

Bralon Prama

Bralon designed the Chinoserie Collection
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