23 Nov 2020
Our Artists and Designers

Kenneth Lee - Very Special Arts

From the young age of 5, Kenneth has taken an interest in drawing and sketching different objects. Today, he is a young and innovative budding artist with autism and shows a great passion for art, where he is able to express his creativity. Often found drawing on a piece of paper, Kenneth creates breathtakingly detailed monochrome sketches that showcase his mastery of perspective and spatial design. Each of his works is a skillful combination of scenes that occur in real life and his imagination.


Kenneth takes great joy in seeing his artworks displayed and seen by the public. His most cherished ambition is to become a full-fledged artist, an ambition that is also supported by his parents. Today, he is one step closer to achieving his dream --he has proudly earned the Certificate in Visual Arts, a testament to his talent and hard work.  Click here for a video about Kenneth, and his journey developing the Through the Looking Glass collection with us.