Bespoke Creations

A creation that is only and exclusively yours

Tailor-make your lacquer piece to fit your exact specifications and purposes.

Share your needs with us and we would be happy to discuss more.

Qua will walk with you throughout the smooth process – conceptualising the product, choosing the right size and materials, designing an artwork, perfect packaging, and arranging for delivery. We hope to give you a carefree, personal experience, where you can enjoy the process of making your own creation.

Artwork Personalisation

If you already have an artwork or image that is symbolic or meaningful to your company, share it with us and we will add it onto our products. With the impeccable craftsmanship of our partnered workshops, you can rest assured to receive a creation of the highest quality. A personalised lacquer piece will be suited for not only corporate gifts on all occasions, but also as hotel amenities.

Product Development

We will sit down with you, listen to your ideas, and understand your needs. Speak with us on your requirements – size, shape, and colour – and we will materialise them.

Commissioned Artwork

You may commission your very own artwork from our panel of talented and skilled artists. Each one of them possesses their own artistic styles and flair, and you may select one that is most suited for your corporation. Translate your ideas into an art piece that is exclusively yours.

Packaging & Distribution

Complete your bespoke creation with custom packaging. Add a personalised note, choose the material and colour of the box, and finish it with a designed sleeve. Lastly, for your convenience, we can arrange the delivery of your items, with options for multiple locations or even overseas.

Let's Speak!

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