Bespoke Corporate Gifts

19 Apr 2023

Metal Plate Engraving on Customised Lacquer Products

Elevate your corporate gifting with an engraved logo on Qua's lacquer products.
17 Nov 2022

How to Customise a Qua Gift

From your brand logo screen printed, to bespoke artwork, we can customise your chosen gift in a range of unique ways.
01 Mar 2022

Make Your Mark with Silkscreen Printed Details

Customisable lacquer products that are personalised with silk-screen printing, making it the perfect and luxurious gift for any important occasion. Feature your very own logo or personalised greetings.
09 Jun 2021

Ideas for Customising Your Next Corporate Gift

A beautiful customized gift is an excellent way to connect with your esteemed clients, old or new.
10 Dec 2015

Corporate Gifts Made to Order

Each building is specially designed and illustrated by Qua, treated in silver foil on a red/blue base which represents NTU’s key corporate colours.
03 Apr 2014

Customizing Logos on Qua’s Corporate Gifts

Looking for corporate gifts especially created for you company? Qua provides services to incorporate logos on lacquerware or packaging.
28 Jul 2010

Create An Impression with Your Artistic Corporate Gift

How can you come up with a gift that is meaningful and creates a lasting impression?