06 Oct 2022

Pathlight Artists - Glenn Phua and Selena Seow

Glenn Phua 
We were enamoured by the works of Glenn Phua, a Pathlight artist that specialises in high stamina line artwork. This amazing talent was first discovered when Glenn was just 14 years old. He draws his inspiration from a renowned British artist with autism, Mr. Stephen Wiltshire, with both artists displaying an incredible attention to detail. Needless to say, Glenn still exudes his own unique style and individuality in his drawings.


As aforementioned, Glenn is an artist at Pathlight School – the first autism-focused school in Singapore that offers a unique blend of mainstream academics and life readiness skills. Qua is privileged with being able to work together with such an honourable and meaningful organisation.


We believe that this collection by Glenn Phua is perfect for those who are seeking socially responsible corporate gifts yet still wish for it to be elegant and luxurious. View the full Glenn Phua collection here!

Selena Seow
We were also honoured to work with Selena Seow, one of The Art Faculty’s celebrated artists. She is a member of Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme (ADP) – a programme that helps nurture artistic talents of people with autism and related challenges.


This collection features one of Selena’s artwork titled Birds of a Feather. Selena has a way of portraying the birds in curious moments of stillness. Her birds exude a sense of calm and peace, even though they can be unpredictable and jumpy creatures. She achieves detailed feathers with very well-sharpened coloured pencils. The artwork is also the inspiration behind the 3-storey mural at the Enabling Village by the internationally acclaimed artist, Ernest Zacharevic.

Our collaborations with Glenn Phua and Selena Seow aim to reach out to the public about autism and promote the art created by these unique and talented individuals. All artists from ADP earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise.