26 Sep 2023

Qua Joins Made with Passion Singapore



We are excited to announce that Qua lacquerware has been accepted into the Made with Passion Singapore program. Made with Passion is a government initiative to support local brands that are passionate about their craft, and recognise the hard work that goes behind building an enduring brand with quality products. 


A Bit About Qua Lacquerware:

Qua lacquerware was started in 2002 by our founder, Meng Yee, who was inspired by the beautiful lacquer work he saw in Vietnam. Our workshop has been handcrafting lacquerware using traditional techniques passed down for generations.


What makes our lacquerware special is the 16 layers of lacquer that are carefully applied and polished by our artisans. It takes immense patience and skill to work with natural lacquer. The end result is pieces with a beautiful rich sheen that will last for years.

Beyond the quality craftsmanship, we also want our products to have meaning. We work closely with local Singaporean artists and craft unique collections inspired by our culture and heritage. Each piece tells a story of our homeland.


Surviving the Challenges of COVID-19:

The past year has been tough for many businesses due to the pandemic. We faced uncertainty as corporate clients could no longer travel. However, we chose to meet this challenge with optimism and determination.


We strengthened our online presence and direct marketing to consumers. Our showroom was transformed to allow virtual exhibitions and product videos. This enabled us to reach new customers globally. While the road was difficult, our passion for our craft kept us going.


Being Part of Made with Passion Singapore:



Joining Made with Passion Singapore is an important milestone in our brand's journey. It is a recognition of our efforts to promote local craftsmanship and culture. We are grateful for the government's support of local brands.


As part of this initiative, we hope to tell more stories about our workshops and artists. Our vision is for Qua lacquerware to be in homes around the world, sharing a little piece of Singapore each time. With the help of Made with Passion, we believe our dreams can be realised.


Our passion started this business 20 years ago. We are glad to be part of a community that values inspiring stories like ours.
Thank you for your support - it means the world to small brands like us.

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