14 Oct 2016
Collection & Artist Series

Give a Gift that Radiates a Good Cause

Pull heartstrings by getting a gift that radiates a good cause. The Pathlight Artist Showcase Collection features a range of premium lacquerware promoting artworks created by special needs students from Pathlight School — Singapore’s first autism-focused school.

Through Pathlight’s Artist Development Programme (ADP), professional artists are engaged to work with talented students to nurture their talents. These students earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise.

The collection comprises of artworks from 2 students of Pathlight School.


Glenn loves doodling and his talent in high-stamina line-art was first discovered when he is 14 years old. His keen attention to detail alludes to that of Mr Stephen Wiltshire, the renowned British artist with autism.

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At the age of 9, Tung Seng began his artistic pursuit by attending art classes at My Favourite Art House, taking up canvas painting with acrylic paint. He paints with intricate and colorful backgrounds, with his favorite topics – buildings and public transportation.

Qua Pathlight Artist Singapore Corporate Gifts Premium