07 Jan 2021
Corporate Gifts - Festive

CNY Gifts for Every Type of SME Boss during COVID

Hello 2021, good-bye 2020!  In just a month's time, Chinese New Year will be here on 12 February.  With the reopening of Phase 3, there are still limitations for social gatherings, and it will be rather difficult to host the traditional annual Lou Hei celebration with your clients. 

In this new state of normalcy, it is time to think of gifts for the most important clients who had supported your business through 2020.  These are the people who are special to you, and only something one-of-a-kind, with your own unique brand of thoughtfulness - because when it comes to these people who stuck through with you thick and thin, it is the thought that counts.

At a loss for what to gift?  Fret not!  Here's a list of suggestions for every kind of CEO.  They will never forget (or -gasp- throw away) even if it seems like they already have everything they could ever need or want.

1. The Art Collection Boss

He spends his spare time in art galleries and supports local artists.  Present him with a limited-edition series CNY merchandise, JOY, by Aaron Gan.

JOY is a collection comprising of bright colours, beautiful plans and flowers, along with a joyful little bird in each painting.  A special note - the bird with a backward glance symbolises gratitude to all who have helped him in the past and get him to where he is!

Aaron Gan, an artist whose artworks have been collected and commissioned widely both in Singapore and Internationally, is also a winner of UOB Painting of the Year 2015, Gold Award, Established Artist Category.

Modern Aaron Gan Singapore Artist Joy Collection paintings on Chinese New Year goodie boxesOrchid Trinket Box next to original painting (Joy) by Aaron Gan 

2. The Traditional Boss

Traditional lacquer Eight Treasures Ba Bao Box embellished and inlaid with mother of pearl Fu (Prosperity) to hold CNY goodies and cookies together with small trinket boxes with Lu (wealth) and shou (longevity)

For the one who is little more traditional, likes drinking Chinese Tea, likes customs and upholds rituals.  We suggest presenting a snack box filled with Chinese New Year auspicious food.  Here are 3 tips to help you along:

  • Choose red or orange-coloured nibbles
    These symbolise prosperity.  Dried cranberries, fresh strawberries and kumquat all make the cut.
  • Candied fruit symbolises good health
    Throw in some candied pineapple, ginger and melon.
  • Nuts are for happiness and longevity
    Peanuts are a staple but pistachios are the new favourite as they're said to crack open a smile!


3. Cultural Heritage Enthusiast

He is Peranakan or has huge interest in the heritage and culture.  How about sending him on a Baba trail through Singapore's peranakan houses in Joo Chiat, and NUS Baba house?  To spruce up his work table, a beautiful and modern Ivory Nyonya stationery holder for all his keepsakes.

Ivory Nyonya Stationery Keepsake holder with a Peranakan tile for the Heritage and Cultural CEO

4. The Strategist

Not sure of his interest?  Every CEO is a strategist.  Introducing Qua's unique and exclusive lacquered Chinese Chess Board set, which can sit proudly on any coffee table.  It has been a strong embodiment of the traditional Chinese spirit of battle and scholarship since thousands of years ago and is still played widelyy and frequently as a pastime today.  The Chinese Chess Board is also frequently used as a table accessory to communicate academia or as a connection with the literati.

Lacquered Chinese Chess Xiang Qi Set as a memorable thoughtful corporate gift for a CEO and SME Boss

And finally, in the event that none of the items above appeal to you, do check out our nifty giftfinder by clicking here.  From there, you will be introduced to various gift ideas that suit every occasion and budget.