23 Jan 2020
Corporate Gifts - Festive

Chinese New Year 2010: Mandarin Orange Exchange

Every CNY gift is given from the bottom of the heart and deserves to be remembered. My clients often ask me for new corporate gift ideas for Chinese New Year. Every year, they have been giving mandarin oranges which are pre-packed by less than presentable carton boxes / rattan baskets hampers. Once their business associates finish eating the mandarin oranges, the boxes are thrown away, and the gift  forgotten.

Having said that, mandarin oranges are the most popular and most abundant fruit during Chinese New Year, representing “golden luck” – so my clients are reluctant to discontinue this practice with their Chinese customers. Our Chinese New Year gift idea is to package the mandarin oranges into a reusable  hamper using our special lacquer products as a base. In this case, your recipient can still use the item as a fruit platter for the rest of the year.

A hamper full of mandarin oranges, with “6” and “8” which represents prosperity in the Chinese culture will be ideal. For example, the hamper should have 6, 8, 16, 18, 26, 28 etc number of oranges to ensure prosperity goes to the way of the recipient in the New Year.

Qua Chinese New Year Mandarin Oranges