22 Feb 2016
Corporate Gifts - Festive

Chinese New Year Goodie Box for Corporate Gifts

The Chinese New Year goodie box is a customary item in every Chinese household which is used to serve guests with a variety of treats that embodies different meanings. This makes them a valuable gifting option for your friends or fellow associates in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

Featured below are some of the custom services available at Qua. These goodie boxes were pre-packed with cookies, candies and mandarin oranges. Clients also had the liberty of choosing how they would like to present their company logo; whether on the product, on the packaging, on a plastic sleeve or on all three.

Star CruiseCustom Corporate Gift Ideas_Star Cruise_Goodie Box 01Custom Corporate Gift Ideas_Star Cruise_Goodie Box 02


Goldbell Corporation: Square Goodie Box in various designs with custom packagingCustom Corporate Gift Ideas_Goldbell_Goodie Box 01Custom Corporate Gift Ideas_Goldbell_Goodie Box 02At Qua, we have a multitude of designs for these goodie boxes. They are also available for custom made orders. If you are interested in making your next Chinese New Year extra special, do drop us an email at enquiry@brexinternational.com.sg