12 Feb 2014
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Traditional Gifts

One special product to be highlighted in our unique Horse collection to celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 that is perfect as a Year of the Horse gift is the unique and exclusive lacquered Chinese Chess board set.

Chinese chess, otherwise known as Xiangqi chess game, has been one of the most popular strategy board games characteristic of the Chinese culture, because of its long history. The game represents a battle between two armies, with the objective of capturing the enemy’s general. 

It has been a strong embodiment of the traditional Chinese spirit of battle and scholarship since thousands of years ago, and is still played widely and frequently as a pastime today. The Chinese chessboard is also frequently used as a table accessory to communicate academia or as a connection with the literati. Look forward to a fun and engaging time of bonding with your relatives and friends with this Chinese Chess lacquerware from Qua, specially manufactured to celebrate the Year of the Horse.Qua Traditional Gifts Chinese Chess Set Singapore Gifts Premium