03 Jun 2021

Best Gifts for Housewarming

Finding a thoughtful housewarming gift is more than just a kind gesture, but instead, a refined skill that requires a lot of understanding of the recipients. It can be tricky as the range of things to buy is wide and it is definitely a fine balance of functionality and aesthetics! 

Get inspired by our Just Colour Collection – perhaps one of the best housewarming gifts from Qua! You’ll find gorgeous tealight candles, plates, serving tray and more to celebrate your loved ones’ momentous occasion.

Check out the products below:


Simple but eye-catching, the Just Colour plates are great for those who love baking and hosting. It’s the perfect centerpiece for the kitchen counter with fresh fruits, or even better – filled with warm pastries on a lazy afternoon.

Deep Round Bowl

Never underestimate the versatility of a well-made lacquerware deep round bowl – it’s large enough for lots of fresh fruits, or even as a sharing bowl for noodles, rice or soup for parties at home. 

Tealight Holder Set


Looking for a housewarming gift for somebody who can’t get through the night without lighting candles in their rooms? A sturdy set of candle tealight holders help to keep mishaps at bay! Match it with the Slightly Curved Tray in the collection for extra cuteness. 



Are these the perfect trays? It looks like it! Brightly coloured and sturdy, the serving tray makes it easy to organise your items on the dressing table, or as a useful tool for the surprise breakfast-in-bed for your loved ones. 

Use the small tray to hold frequently-used accessories – vibrant and eye-catching, great for the forgetful ones who misplace their treasures often!


How about something cheery to jazz up the coffee table or study room? These beautiful lacquer coasters will protect your furniture from liquids, and remain bright and vibrant-looking for years to come.

Dining Bowl Set


Nifty and simple, the Dining Bowl with matching chopsticks set (of 2) is perfect for the dining table with a special space to hold the matching chopsticks. Great for new homeowners! 

Jewellery Box


A well-made jewellery box is absolutely essential for every lady. Made of luscious lacquer, the Just Colour Jewellery Box gives a modern twist to the normally boring piece of accessory we have on the dressing table. Deep enough for trinkets, jewellery, and even watches, it also comes with a mirror for an extra touch of elegance. 

Shop the #JustColourbyQua Collection to bring some cheer to your space.