27 Jan 2022

Chinese New Year Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Chinese New Year gift? We have rounded up some gift recommendations to help you celebrate the year of the tiger with your loved ones!

In this current climate, whether you will be spending the festive season together with your friends or family, or socially-distanced, it is still the perfect time to show your appreciation and love towards them with thoughtful gifts.

Below are some of the bestsellers from our Pond of Prosperity and Cherry Blossom collections.

Round Trinket Box - The Pond of Prosperity

1. Round Trinket Box

Get into the spirit of Chinese New Year with Qua's lacquer Round Trinket Box from the Pond of Prosperity Collection. This intricate trinket box is perfect for storing small items and jewellery. Handmade by our artisans in high-sheen lacquer, mother-of-pearl and egg shells, it is the perfect gift when bundled with Chinese New Year goodies, oranges and red packets to wish your loved ones the very best and good luck this upcoming year.

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Eight Treasure Box - The Pond of Prosperity

2. Eight Treasures Box

The Eight Treasures Box is a must-have on your coffee tables during Chinese New Year, as it holds various goodies and sweet treats that symbolise good luck and prosperity within. Qua's lacquer goodie boxes bring functionality and beauty together in harmony, and this particular one from the Pond of Prosperity is one that is timeless and classic - perfect for gifting and for your homes.

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Tissue Box - The Pond of Prosperity

3. Tissue Box

The tissue box is often neglected but the final stroke of beauty to your dressed up home. It is the piece that could very well bring the entire set up together - making it the best gift to the house-proud loved one. Packed with good vibes and symbolism, the one from the Pond if Prosperity features the Koi fish, which represents unity and love, as they are often seen swimming in groups, thriving and reproducing. 

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The Cherry Blossom Collection captures a melancholic yet beautiful metaphor for our fleeting lives, while it celebrates the birth of new beginnings with the half-bud-half-blooming flowers.

Symbolising good fortune, new beginnings, and revival, cherry blossoms are the perfect florals to welcome to your space this Chinese New Year. 

Serving Tray - The Cherry Blossom

1. Serving Tray

Impress your guests with our well-sized and superbly finished lacquer serving tray. The Cherry Blossom Serving Tray is a perfect gift for a home owner who loves to host - when paired with tea, snacks, and a nice set of matching tea towels, they'll be all ready to spend a good afternoon with guests in the spirit of Chinese New Year.

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Tiffin Carrier Box - The Cherry Blossom

2. Tiffin Carrier Box

Pack all sorts of fruits and snacks for your loved ones this Chinese New Year and bring a smile upon their faces with this stylish Tiffin Carrier Box. Multi-layered and multi-purpose, it'll be a useful lunch box for picnics, and can serve as a tray as well! 

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Coasters, Set of 4 - Cherry Blossom

3. Coasters, set of 4

Hardy, slip-proof and beautiful, the lacquer coasters are the perfect gift regardless of seasons. The final touch to the coffee table, the Cherry Blossom coasters come in a set of 4, with a handy holder to store them when not in use. 

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