24 Nov 2022

Guide to Luxury CNY Corporate Gifting

Elegant, luxe, memorable, and long-lasting – these are the attributes that everyone wants in their Chinese New Year corporate gift. Hence, we have come up with our guide to luxury CNY corporate gifting, making sure that all our gifts fulfil those criteria. 

Before going into the gifts, it is important to know the general ‘rules’ of CNY gifting. When choosing the colour of the gift, red, orange, and gold are ideal as they symbolise prosperity. In addition, ensure that the item comes in numbers containing ‘6’ or ‘8’ as they represent good fortune. You should avoid items in numbers containing ‘4’ as it represents death in Chinese culture.

We have two traditional CNY corporate gift options that exude luxury and meet the best practices of CNY gifting. They can also be repurposed after, making sure the gift is remembered. 

Mandarin Orange Hamper 
It is a popular practice to give mandarin oranges during the CNY period as they represent ‘golden luck’. They are a good way to bless your business associates with prosperity and wish them an auspicious year ahead. However, these mandarin oranges are usually pre-packed in carton boxes or rattan basket hampers; they are often thrown away after finishing the mandarin oranges. Then, the gift is soon forgotten. 

Hence, we have packaged the mandarin oranges using our lacquer products as a base, turning it into a reusable hamper! After finishing the mandarin oranges, your gift recipient can use the beautiful lacquerware as a fruit platter for the rest of the year.

Eight Treasures Box or ‘Ba Bao He’


Our next gift suggestion is the staple customary item in every Chinese household, the Chinese New Year goodie box. It is used to serve guests with a variety of treats that embodies different meanings. The goodie box is commonly called ‘Ba Bao He’, ‘Ba Bao Box’, or ‘Eight Treasures Box’. It is known as the ‘Tray of Togetherness’ and is traditionally made up of eight compartments arranged in a circular or octagonal shape, the number 8 symbolising good fortune. 

The goodies used to fill the eight compartments have different meanings and significance to the Chinese New Year season. Some common items that can be used to fill the compartments are: 

Candied Winter Melons – signifies 甜甜蜜蜜 or ‘a sweet and easy life’
Shredded Coconut Pieces – signifies 永结同心 or ‘everlasting love’
Lotus Seeds – signifies 连生贵子or ‘fertility’
Dried Red Dates – signifies 鸿运当头 or ‘good luck in every endeavour’
Water Chestnut – signifies 东城西就or ‘accomplishment in all activities’
Mandarin Orange – signifies 大吉大利 or ‘auspiciousness’
Dried Longans – signifies ‘many good sons’
Pistachio Nuts – signifies 开心果 or ‘happiness’
Red Melon Seeds – dyed red to signify ‘joy and happiness’