06 Aug 2021
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Singapore National Day Gift Ideas


Through The Looking Glass - Desk Set (Red)

Searching for a Singapore-themed gift? You’re in for a treat! Let’s celebrate National Day together with our Singapore skyline-inspired artwork. It’s time to get into a patriotic mood and celebrate Singapore's birthday in style for your home or your loved ones. 

Capture the essence of Singapore with the collection by artist Kenneth Lee, Through the Looking Glass. Here’s a quick guide:


  1. Desk Set (Tray, Business Card Stand & Letter Holder)

Through The Looking Glass - Desk Set (Red)Through The Looking Glass - Desk Set (Black)

We’re loving the new look of the limited edition red series! In a contrasting silver-white paint on deep red lacquer, it is a completely different look to the luxurious black and gold version. It is also perfect as a corporate gift, even more so as a Desk Set that features all kinds of familiar landmarks in Singapore. We spot the Changi Airport, Jewel, Super Trees and Gardens by the Bay!

  1. Display Stand

Through The Looking Glass - Display Stand (Red)Through The Looking Glass - Display Stand (Black)What do you think of when you speak of Singapore? Usually, people would recall a busy skyline and spotless streets. Take this chance to proudly showcase our architectural icons on your desk or display shelf to your loved ones and clients! Since we are bringing the celebrations indoors this year, how about bringing a memento of the outdoors in to your space?

  1. Coasters

Through The Looking Glass - Coasters (Red)Through The Looking Glass - Coasters (Black)

A set of coasters is the perfect little gift for a loved one’s desk. Vibrant yet classic, it fits seamlessly into your home decor without being too attention-grabbing.

  1. Stationery Box

Through The Looking Glass - Stationery Box (Red)Through The Looking Glass - Stationery Box (Black)

Send a Stationery Box, that is neatly compartmentalised to a dear friend who is looking to get organized and stay on top of their daily activities!

To make this collection into a corporate gift, simply get in touch with us!