29 Oct 2021
Home Inspiration

Guide to Deepavali Modern Gifts

Take a walk down the street of Little India this weekend and discover the marriage of modern and tradition of the shophouses. Try spotting the trails of The Walk of Faiths, Serangoon, and shop for some goodies for your homes! 

The street sells a range of souvenirs and knick-knacks, perfect to pair with Qua’s The Golden Peacock Collection. 

Little IndiaLittle IndiaLittle India

Deepavali is around the corner and there's never been a better time to shop for your festive decorations! Here’s a quick guide on The Golden Peacock collection to spruce up your space in the blink of an eye.

The Golden Peacock - Tissue BoxThe Golden Peacock - Tissue Box

  1. Tissue Box 

Beautify your rooms with something minimalistic, yet glamorous, with something that is often forgotten but extremely important for a well-decorated space – the golden peacock tissue box.

The high-quality lacquer is made with up to 15 coats to give it a shiny, high-gloss finish. Brighten up any space at home with a go-to accessory that allows easy access to put your napkins.

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The Golden Peacock - PlateThe Golden Peacock - Plate

  1. Plate

Have you bought some traditional snacks from Little India? Keep them in Qua's Golden Peacock Plate while sharing this holiday of joy and happiness with your loved ones.

The plate can be used in various spaces that you host people or hang out – the dining room, coffee table in the living room, or as a snack tray in your home office. 

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The Golden Peacock - Goodies Box

  1. Goodies Box

Worried about getting into the streets this festive season? Alternatively, get your goodies online if these two years have trained you to be a homebody!

Fill your goodies box with sweet treats that are easily accessible, yet neatly tucked away from sight.

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The Golden Peacock - CoastersThe Golden Peacock - Coasters

  1. Coasters

It is believed that the eyes on the peacock feathers serve as extra protection for your household, and it too represents divinity, rank, and power.

Upgrade your space with the golden peacock feathers coasters for extra good luck, and match them with the other pieces from the collection.

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