21 Jan 2021
Home Inspiration

Refresh Your Home this CNY 2021 Year of Ox

As we enter a season of gatherings and festivities with the coming Lunar New Year, it is the perfect time to rejuvenate your home to make lasting impressions for your guests.  Whether your home is styled to a traditional Chinese or modern interior, we have a few hints to spruce up your home.

The Traditional Home

One of the most basic principles in Chinese interior is simplicity.  This Lunar New Year, add a touch of tradition with a Eight Treasures Goodie Box and smaller trinket boxes inlaid with mother of pearl on the lid, with the " - "fu" (fortune), " - "lu" (wealth) and "寿" - “shou” (longevity).  Fill up the box with traditional auspicious foods which has significant meanings - here are some:

  • Cumquat (金 ) - prosperity (gold)
  • Peanuts (花生) - health, long life, multiplication in wealth and good fortune
  • Lotus Seed or Longan (蓮子; 龙眼) - many offspring 
  • Cashew nut (腰果)- gold, money (the nut's shape symbolises the gold nugget of ancient times)
  • Pineapple (凤梨)- wealth, luck, excellent fortune
  • Pistachios (开心果) – happiness ( means open, means heart, and means fruit or nut.  开心 also means happy, and it literally describes the way you open a pistachio to eat it. Therefore, 开心果 means happy nut
  • Persimmon Cakes柿饼 - everything goes according to your wishes (事事如意) because of the pun for the word.

Add a dash of colours on your traditional pussy willow plant with the 12 zodiac trinkets.  This year, I am hanging the zodiac signs of my guests as a special touch, and as a personalised gift that they can bring home after visitation.

Eight Treasures Box inlaid with Fu (Prosperity) mother of pearl filled up auspicious new year goodies and snacks; also, Lu (wealth) and shou (longevity) on smaller trinket boxes  Zodiac Decorative Hanging and Charms on chinese new year pussy willow

Zodiac Ox Decorative Hanging and Charm

The Modern Home

For contemporary chic homes, traditional elements such as the upside down "fu" (fortune) characters, and kumquat may be out of place.  Chinese New Year do not have to be loud, garish and red.  Here's a subtle and minimalistic approach.  

Qua's Chinoiserie collection captures the blue and white ceramics commonly found in the Chinese Asian culture.  Pillows are the easiest way to transform a room to make it homely and cosy.  Opt for Chinoiserie pillows with an oriental, yet sleek and modern design - just one or two will do.  Serve your guests tea with the serving tray and decorate with matching monochromatic oriental charms on the pussy willow.  

Blue & White Ceramics Chinoiserie Cushions and pillows Chinoiserie collection of blue and white ceramics on lacquer box and tray, with oriental charms hanging on pussy willow for the modern home