26 Jul 2022
Past Corporate Projects

Customised Luxurious Mooncake Gift Boxes

We worked together with Andaz Singapore to design a customised mooncake box that would complement their limited edition two-piece baked mooncakes. As the mooncake boxes were to be presented to their VIPs, we had to ensure that it looked and felt luxurious. Hence, we donned the cover of the boxes with intricately distinct Peranakan tiles, adding a classy heritage touch.

Next with creating a "lasting gift" in mind, we also focused greatly on the functionality and practicality of the boxes. Hence, the boxes were designed such that after eating the mooncakes, the VIPs could repurpose the elegant mooncake box into a teabag or accessories holder -- making a gift box that lasts for generations. In addition, we also chose to use a high gloss lacquer coating as its finishing to ensure its durability.