26 Jul 2022
Past Corporate Projects

Lacquer with Gold & Silver Leaf Applique

Those who are looking for an elegant and luxurious custom piece may opt for the gold & silver leaf applique. This premium technique consists of gliding gold or silver foil against the lacquer's suface, then coating it with a layer of paint.


Saudi Aramco, who prides itself as not only the largest producer of oil in the world but also as the world's most valuable company, came to us with the purpose of customising a series of lacquered business card boxes. The boxes were to be meaningful and luxurious. Hence, we put a silhouette of the iconic Manifa oil field on the box using the gold leaf applique. Notably, the Manifa oil field is one of Saudi Aramco's mega-projects which served as the company's commitment to the Kingdom, the environment, and global oil market security. The gold leaf applique was utlised to capture the essence of liquid gold, symbolising golden opportunities and excellence.




National Technological University (NTU) wished to transform their trademark buildings -- The Hive, Pioneer and Crescent Halls, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and the School of Art, Design and Media -- into a set of coasters. They worked with our designer to turn their images into drawings and decided upon the silver leaf applique for their design.