26 Jul 2022
Past Corporate Projects

Lacquer with Personalised Artwork

Companies who already have an iconic commissioned artwork can incorporate it into their personalised lacquer piece.

There is one things in common between the personalised pieces we have created for KK Women's and Children's Hospital, the Port of Singapore Authority, the National University of Singapore, and the Supreme Court — they have a comissioned artwork painted by the world-renowned Singaporean artist, Mr. Ong Kim Seng. As a brief introduction, Mr. Ong is a world acclaimed watercolourist whose notable collectors include Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China. View his website here for more information. In creating a memorable lacquer piece, all of them incorporated his brilliant artwork into their personalised lacquerware.

Similarly, the Ministry of Health (MOH) chose to use an artwork drawn for them by the local freelance artist Don Low. To see more of his artwork, view his website here. This artwork was then put on their personalised business card and stationery boxes.