26 Jul 2022
Past Corporate Projects

Luxurious Bespoke Lacquer Hotel Amenities

Hotels strive to provide customers with an unforgettable experience, acting as an oasis where they can relax after a long day of business meetings, or a day out with their loved ones. Needless to say, the decor of the hotel rooms and bathrooms is crucial in creating a premium experience.


Lacquer is an ideal material to incorporate in the decor; its smooth and glossy finish not only makes the room more classy, but luxurious as well. Further, on the more practical side, its waterproof properties also makes it perfect for withstanding humid and wet environments.

With our customisation service, you can create an exclusive piece that is unique to only you. From colour, size, design, to finishing, we will be able to create amenities that suit your needs and specifications.


We have done this for renowned hotels such as Equarius, Shangri-La, Four Seasons Hotel, and RWS Hotel Michael. Some of the bathroom and room amenities we have customised include tissue boxes, trays, and amenity boxes.