26 Jul 2022
Past Corporate Projects

Sentimental Corporate Lacquer Gifts

One way to make a corporate gift truly memorable is to add a personal touch to it. This could be an artwork drawn by yourself, or by an up-and-coming, aspiring artist around you.


Personalised Corporate Gift

The Ministry of Education (MOE) used a beautiful artwork of orchids, hand-painted by a student, to create a lacquer desk set and stationery box. As a finishing touch, the crest of MOE was added to it.




The Agency for Intergrated Care (AIC) had an artwork of a beautiful peacock painted by a senior in AIC’s “Wellness Programme”, a programme aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of participating seniors. This painting was incorporated into a lacquer plaque, which was given to individuals who have contributed greatly to AIC, as well as their VIP guests.

In collaboration with Nikko Asset Management, we created a set of custom-made floral coasters, using the artwork done by its employees.