Private Label

13 Oct 2014

The Singapore Skyline by Stephen Wiltshire

Mr Stephen Wiltshire drew the entire Singapore Skyline from memory. This long-awaited collection by Qua has arrived!
11 Sep 2014

Singapore Skyline – Stephen Wiltshire for Pathlight School

Need artwork of the Singapore Skyline? Stephen Wiltshire drew the Singapore Skyline which we incorporated into several lacquerware products such as a series of coasters.
06 Apr 2011

Singapore Box Collection at Museum Shop

Commissioned by the Museum Shop, we created a desk accessory series which incorporated a piece of Singapore history - perfect for premium corporate gifts.
20 Nov 2009

Singapore Flyer’s and Esplanade Merchandise

Singapore Flyer and Esplanade, Singapore’s most iconic attractions, required a set of gift mementoes to be sold at their gift shops.