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The Serene Lotus (四季平安)
The Serene Lotus (四季平安)
The Serene Lotus (四季平安)
The Serene Lotus (四季平安)

The Serene Lotus (四季平安)


Product Code: FLR-06
Weight: 1100g
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Collection Description

Dress up your space for the Chinese New Year with our Spring in Bloom limited series – with both the lacquer vases and flowers that are built to last generations. The florals are handmade individually with with sola wood that are great for doubling up as essential oil diffusers, or with extremely life-like, hand-painted foam and fabric.

Product Description

The lotus is loved as the symbol of strength and purity. Being a plant that grows from mud but yet shows nothing of its origin, this particular arrangement features the leaves and florals wrapped gently around each other in a serene dance. Welcome peace and love to your space this Chinese New Year with this tall Raindrops lacquer vase by Qua.

Size of Vase: D10 x H45 cm

Product only available in Singapore.