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Bonsai Tealight Holder (Blue Clover), Ivory Nyonya
Bonsai Tealight Holder (Blue Clover), Ivory Nyonya

Bonsai Tealight Holder (Blue Clover), Ivory Nyonya


Product Code: BTE-PTW-G
Size: L 25cm x W 7.7cm x H 3.9cm
Weight: 310g
Material: Lacquer on Wood
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Collection Description

The early Peranakans adopted a practice of incorporating expensive decorative ceramic tiles into the interior and exterior of their houses. These decorative tiles, usually in floral motifs, added both pastel and vibrant colours into their Victorian-style houses that reflect the East meets West blend of the Straits Chinese. With the march of time and modernization in Singapore, the production of these tiles in Singapore slowly diminished. We have brought it back with The Ivory Nyonya Collection exploring a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles.

Product Description

Qua presents the Bonsai Tealight Holder from the Ivory Nyonya collection. This collection showcases the rich heritage of Peranakan culture, bringing back memories of the past with the bright and colourful tiles incorporated into the products. This candle holder is perfect for a housewarming gift or for a overseas visitor to take back a piece of Singapore Heritage.

Design: Blue Clover

Packaging: Fabric Box

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