River Tales (Qua x ArtDis)

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Qua is privileged to partner ART:DIS to introduce a collection of gift premiums featuring the artwork from ART:DIS’ Arts for Livelihood and Employment (ALIVE) Programme. ART:DIS is dedicated to provide individuals with special needs access to the arts and aims to offer lifelong learning and career opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as equipping them with the skills and confidence that will enable them to find employment and independence.

Designer/artist of the collection

Kenneth Lee

Kenneth, a young and talented artist from ART:DIS, has always had a deep love for drawing and sketching. His passion for art has only grown stronger over time, and he has developed a unique style that is characterised by incredibly intricate linework. Kenneth's art is a true testament to his unique perspective, which is shaped by his experience of the world as an individual with autism, as he is able to express his creativity with astounding skill and precision.

From an early age, Kenneth's artistic talents were evident. He would spend hours sketching different objects, refining his skills and experimenting with different techniques. Today, he is a budding artist who has gained recognition for his breathtakingly detailed monochrome sketches. His works are a skilful combination of real-life scenes and his imagination, showcasing his mastery of perspective and spatial design.