• About our products
    • What is lacquer and lacquerware?

      Besides being very beautiful, lacquerware is usually a wooden-based product covered with multiple layers of lacquer. This lacquer is a natural product coming from the sap of the lacquer tree.  It dries to a very hard smooth surface which is durable and waterproof. The finish can be varying degrees of matte or high gloss, it can be layered with decorative features, multi-coloured, inlaid or carved.

      How is it made?

      Natural lacquer products can take up to 115 days to complete. Our lacquerware uses 15 layers of lacquer and is all hand work.

      Are trees cut down to make the lacquerware?

      No, the trees are "tapped" - similar to the way maple syrup and the natural rubber industry “tap” the trees for the sap.

      How do I take care of my lacquerware?

      Simply use a soft cloth to wipe away dust or moisture. If a more thorough cleaning is required, rinse it in warm water and use a mild soap/detergent on a soft sponge or cloth. Dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT rub vigorously in one spot as this can affect the surface. Occasionally you can use a simple car wax with a soft polishing cloth to restore the high gloss finish and fill in any small scratch that may have appeared from using your item.

      My lacquer had a smell, will that go away?

      Yes, as you use it, it will fade.

      You can put a bit of dry coffee, tea leaves, baking soda or charcoal inside to remove the lacquer odour. Put any of these dried goods into the lacquerware for a few days and the newly finished lacquer smell will fade.

      Why does the inlaid Mother of Pearl (MOP) have color variation or looks “patchy”?

      Mother of Pearl is a natural material from the inside of a mollusk/clam that produces a pearl. The “patches” are not a flaw and each piece will have these variations. MOP has been used for thousands of years for embellishment; from the ancient Egyptians, to buttons on clothes and on musical instruments.

      Where can I see your products in person?

      You can visit our showroom at 69 Ubi Rd 1, #07-19 Oxley Biz Hub, Singapore 408731.  Please call +65 6246 1315 for an appointment or check store locator here

  • Customisation
    • How can I customise my gift?

      You can add a silk screened logo, a metal plate printed with your logo or your artwork. Additionally, contact us to see the endless possibilities to customise your gift: the colour, size and shape. Depending on the level of customisation there will be additional design costs. For any special requests, it best to contact us here. We are experts in helping you realize your perfect client gift, so do contact us for an estimate.

      How long does it take for customised products to be ready?

      Depending on the specifics of the customisation and quantity - it takes from four weeks to two months, once we have received a signed quotation or purchase order and deposit.

      Do you do collaboration?

      Yes, we love to partner artists, designers,  product designers, or even cross marketing with complementary brands.   Do send us a note here.



  • Pricing and Ordering
    • Are there discounts for corporate to bulk (business-to-business) purchase?

      Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders. Please register your company to be a corporate client here.

      If I am a registered corporate client, how am I billed? 

      Once your order details are confirmed by your salesperson, you will receive an invoice by email. 

      As a corporate account, I can't seem to add some items to my quotation list - why is that?

      We have not included all the items that we produce for this quotation service. If there is something you would like quoted for your company, please send us an enquiry, we are happy to accommodate. 

      Why does the invoice and bank account states "Brex International Pte Ltd" instead of Qua?

      Brex International is the parent company and owns the Qua brand. Brex International also distributes other brands such as the Nanoleaf light panels. 

      Do I have to register to place an order?

      No, for individuals, you do not need to register to place an order.  You can order as a guest user.

  • Technical Difficulties
    • I made a mistake on my paid order, how can I change it?

      Please call or email immediately during business hours and we can amend the order in the system. 

      I signed up for the Newsletter, how do I know if my registration went through?
      If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your Junk or Spam folder. 

      I can't sign into my account?
      Click on forgot my passwork to reset and you will be able to sign back in after resetting.


  • Singapore Shipping and Delivery
    • How long will it take to get my order?

      If it is a stock item, it will be shipped out within 3 business days. If the item is backordered, it can take up to 10 to 12 weeks to be ready for shipment. 

      What if I don't receive my order?

      Please contact us with the invoice number from your delivery notice. 

      How long does it take to receive my order in Singapore?
      Next business day.

      Can I self-collect my order?
      Yes, please call +65 6246 1315 or email us for an appointment.  All self-collection will be at our showroom address.

      How will bulk orders get delivered?
      The stocks will be delivered to the address on the order. Delivery is a scheduled appointment time and primarily takes place from Mondays to Fridays, 10 am to 5 pm. If our driver needs an appointment or to register for the loading bay, please inform your salesperson.  Do note that we will not be able to accomodate exact delivery timings, only blocks of 4 hour timings.

      How is the shipment packaged?

      We try to reuse packing materials, so please excuse some of our outer cartons that have been purposefully reused.

      What if my item arrives damaged?
      We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive your order in perfect condition. We have a thorough quality control system in place. Please be sure to check the outer and inner cartons, take photos of any issues and please notify us within 2 working days. If there is any damage on the outer cartons, please keep all packaging and contact the carrier for a claim as we do not bear any responsibility for damages that occur in transit. 

      How much will it cost?
      All orders above $100 are shipped to Singapore locations for free, otherwise, a flat fee of $12 is applied.


  • International Shipping/ Ordering
    • How long will it take to get my order?

      If it is a stock item, it will be shipped out in 2 to 3 days. While our carrier (UPS for most international orders) typically takes 3-10 working days to reach you, it will be based on their schedule and each country's custom clearance.  In most cases, we will provide a tracking number for you to track your order.  If the item is backordered, it will take 6 to 10 weeks to be ready for shipment.  We will, of course, advice accordingly.

      How much will it cost?

      Exact cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout. Please contact us directly for customised or bulk orders.  

      **Changes dues to COVID: Currently, due to the daily changes of courier rates, the website does not provide an automatic calculation of shipping rates.  Kindly drop us a email at enquiry@brexinternational.com.sg for us to quote on overseas shipping charges.  Please do not make a payment till we have quoted and advised the next steps. .


      Are overseas shipments returnable?

      No. Unfortunately, they are not returnable. 

      What if something is damaged in transit?

      We are dedicated to assuring that you have received your order in perfect condition. We have a thorough quality control system in place to document all shipments that leave our facility. Please be sure to check the outer and inner cartons, take photos of any issues and please notify us within 2 working days. If there is any damage on the outer cartons, please keep all packaging and contact the carrier for a claim. 

      In what currency will I be billed?

      Singapore Dollars 

  • Cancellations/ Exchanges/ Returns
    • Can I change or cancel the items I have ordered?

      We will try our best to amend your order. You must contact us on the same business day. Once your transaction is processed in our system, your order cannot be cancelled. If you choose not to accept delivery, we are not able to refund the payment.

      Can I return something that I received as a gift?
      With apologies we do not accept returns. However, on a case by case basis we can review your request. It may be possible to exchange for another item of equal or higher value. The item must be full price, with original invoice, in perfect condition with all packaging intact.

      Who can I contact if I want further information on my online purchases?
      You can call us at +65 6246 1315 or email here.