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Peranakan Collection

A collection that seeks to preserve and present the finest appreciation of the classical Peranakan tiles, against the backdrop of glossy, luxurious lacquer.

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  • Ready-Made Customisation

    An easy way of customisation is to simply add a touch of your corporate identity onto our wide range of ready-made Qua collections. Here, you can add your logo, company ethos, or a personalised message in your choice of either silk screen printing or metal plate engraving.

  • Artwork Personalisation

    Elevate your gift from just being special to one that is both special and unforgettable by incorporating not just your logo and company ethos, but also your very own artwork into the Qua lacquer pieces.

  • Fully Bespoke Creations

    Create something that is really and truly exclusively yours with our full customisation option. This option allows you to tailor the item to your specific needs. The customisation possibilities are endless – ranging from shapes, sizes, colours, designs, techniques, packaging, and delivery.

  • Packaging & Distribution

    Complete your bespoke creation with custom packaging. Add a personalised note, choose the material and colour of the box, and finish it with a designed sleeve. Lastly, for your convenience, we can arrange the delivery of your items, with options for multiple locations or even overseas.

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