The Ivory Nyonya Collection

The Ivory Nyonya Collection - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

The early Peranakans adopted a practice of incorporating expensive decorative ceramic tiles into the interior and exterior of their houses as a reflection of their extravagant lifestyle and status.

The decorative tiles, usually in floral motifs, would add pastel and vibrant colours into their Victorian architecture houses that reflect the East-West blend of the Straits Chinese.

Under the mercy of time and modernisation in Singapore, the production of these tiles in Singapore slowly diminished.

However, we still find a lot of these tiles, beautifully conserved, along the Katong Joo Chiat area!

For some of the pieces in this collection, against a white and teal green lacquer base, we have a modern take on the ceramic tiles, using the UV-printing technique which allows a 3D-like texture — much like the traditional tiles.
Besides lacquer treasure boxes, stationery trays, candle holders, tissue boxes and goodie boxes, the Ivory Nyonya Collection holds also coasters, trinket boxes and cushions with printed floral motifs. 
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For those who favour darker lacquer homeware, the Peranakan Collection has ceramic Peranakan tiles that are made with the traditional methods.