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Qua was one of the first brands to collaborate with the Pathlight School, the first autism focused school in Singapore that offers a unique blend of mainstream academics and life readiness skills. The Art Faculty is the appointed Merchandise & Art Representative of Pathlight School, launched in 2011 they collaborate with brands and retailers to maximise the potential and showcase the talents of specially-abled artists. Our showcase three distinctly different artists — Glenn Phua, Selena Seow, and Leong Tung Seng. 
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Cushion Cover, Pathlight Artist Showcase (Artwork by Selena Seow)


Detailed Line Art by Glenn Phua

The monochromatic series by Pathlight artist, Glenn Phua – who loves doodling and his talent in high-stamina line-art was first discovered when he is 14 years old. His keen attention to detail alludes to that of Mr Stephen Wiltshire, the renowned British artist with autism.

Selena Seow's Curious Birds

Selena Seow captures the beautiful birds in a curious moments in stillness, even though they can be unpredictable and jumpy creatures. The feathery details are achieved with well-sharpened colour pencils.

Colourful Architecture by Leong Tung Seng

Leong Tung Seng began his artistic pursuit by attending art classes at My Favourite Art House and through that, took up canvas painting using acrylic paint. He paints with intricate and colourful backgrounds, his favourite topics are buildings and public transportation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Qua is privileged to partner Pathlight Singapore to introduce a collection of gift premiums featuring the artwork from specially-abled artists. All artists featured in the collection earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise.

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