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Desk Accessories B (Coaster, Set of 6 & Square Box) - Ivory Nyonya


Dining Set A (Display Plate w/Stand, Coaster, Set of 4 & Round Box) - Orchid


Desk Accessories B (Coaster, Set of 4 & Square Box) - Orchid


Qua Photo Frames from the Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection

Drawn by our in-house designer, the flower collection contains a fresh, simple yet sophisticated feel on the product. Finishing it off with a gold lining on black lacquerware, the picture frame is an excellent souvenir gifting idea locally, as well as for overseas visitors. Suitable for corporate settings.

Cushion Cover from the Chinoiserie Collection

The fine and delicate details of the designs bring out the beauty of Chinese culture and ceramics. The cushion covers make the perfect housewarming gift.

Table Clock from the Peranakan collection

Exquisitely embedded with the our Peranakan tile design, this table clock features a unique décor that is a functional piece for any contemporary home.

The Ideal Gift

Qua Lacquerware offers a range of stunning lacquerware pieces that are perfect for showing your appreciation for the special ones in your life. From elegant tea boxes to stylish serving trays, our handmade and customisable lacquerware is the perfect way to honour them.

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