Ideas for Customising Your Next Corporate Gift

Ideas for Customising Your Next Corporate Gift - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

A beautiful customised gift is an excellent way to connect with your esteemed clients, old or new. In the sea of competitors, you need to stand out. You can simply add a logo to the usual suspects – water bottles, thumb drives, towels or pouches. But here at Qua, we aspire to help you to take a step further to make the most distinctive gifts, designed from scratch, with your vision and identity. We work with designers that can help you customise a completely new piece, or work out suitable sizes for your gifts. Our panel of artists with varying painting styles translates your ideas into a long-lasting, luscious lacquerware gift.

Here are some ideas for your consideration: 


Miniaturise meaningful art pieces on your wall into beautiful lacquerware accessories. The Port Authority of Singapore (PSA) did just that – Singaporean artist & recipient of Cultural Medallion, Mr. Ong Kim Seng’s paintings were immortalised into various merchandise.

Nikko Asset Management had an amazing closet artist among their staff who loves painting botanicals across Asia, and they had transformed her paintings into lacquer coasters to gift to their VIPs.

Greetings and Well-Wishes

The Development Bank of Singapore sent festive greetings and well-wishes to her top clients, using luscious red shimmery coasters embellished with mother-of-pearl. What made the customisation even more meaningful is that the Chinese calligraphy words were written by a Senior Executive at the bank.

Office Premises and Buildings

Our little city-state has quite a number of iconic buildings, and for those of us who are fortunate enough to be based there, the key elements of the architecture and façade can serve as inspiration for some of the quirky merchandise.

A Very Special Artwork

Still stuck on what to gift? We’ve got a great idea that allows you to do good and get a uniquely designed artwork. At Qua, we work with differently-abled artists who are able to incorporate your company’s ethos and brand values, often offering a completely different perspective of our everyday world.
SMRT commissioned Glenn Phua, a student from Pathlight School, an autism-focused school to draw our train moving against the backdrop of Singapore public housing and our lush greenery.

You may consider artists from ART:DIS, a local charity organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved in the arts.

We look forward to hearing from you to customise your next corporate gift that is impactful, culturally and contextually appropriate!

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