Partnerships and Collaborations

If you are looking for a product of the highest quality to represent your company or your clients, then Qua is the right choice. We believe that collaborations should create value for both parties involved. Partnering with us gives you access to our specialised craftsmen. We work with you to create complete collections or individual items – from decorative objects to functional objects. We have been working with luxury clients in this space for 15 years, so you can be rest assured that your products will meet deadlines and budgets for all projects. Whether you are an Artist, Product Designer, Interior Designer, Event Manager, Retailer, Wholesaler or Charity Organisation, we listen carefully to understand the unique needs of the project so we can produce the perfect piece of lacquerware with enduring beauty and functionality.


In the very competitive world of e-commerce, we understand that the best way to differentiate yourself is with your unique offering. At Brex International, we make it easy and worthwhile for you to supplement your catalogue with quality Qua collections. We have a wide selection, ranging from furniture and dinnerware, to home accessories and jewelry. Committed to quality products at affordable prices, we can even provide custom-designed products made available only on your e-store.


Our first collaboration was with well-known Singapore artist Aw Tee Hong. We felt that incorporating his work onto our products would make his work accessible to both our retail and corporate clients.

Our Social Responsibility Milestones

Since 2002, Qua has made significant contributions to Singapore's most vulnerable communities along with reducing their carbon footprint along the way.
ART:DIS Designed Creations
Of all Stationary gifts produced with offcut Paper
Unique Pieces


The grouping of products we created with NHB was not only to add a revenue stream for their gift shop, but add a collection that perfectly represents one of their most famous Singapore collections: the drawings commissioned by the first Commandant of Singapore, William Farquhar from 1808-1818, consist of 477 drawings of the various flora and fauna on the Malaysian Peninsula. This collection has been very successful for both our retail clients and corporate clients. To this day, Singapore is incredibly rich in its natural biodiversity with many more native bird, butterfly and dragonfly species than in all of Europe.


The collaboration with ART:DIS, a charity organisation helping specially challenged artists, is a key part of our CSR initiative. We support the artists affiliated with this charity, by paying a fee for the use of their artworks, thus promoting their talents through multiple retail and corporate sales, which gives these artists an additional source of income.



Our most recent collaboration is with award-winning artist Aaron Gan. He is a wonderful artist, who works in a traditional technique but with a modern style. He is regularly showcased in the media, and his artworks are collected and commissioned both in Singapore and internationally by corporate leaders and foreign dignitaries. This first collection with him focused on an auspicious theme for the celebration of the Lunar New Year. The collection incorporates bright colours, lucky symbols and a joyful little bird. This limited-edition series is called JOY. Through this series we make his fine art accessible for more people.