Orchids: The Flowers Symbolising Singapore

Singapore’s first orchid hybrid and the world’s first Vanda hybrid — the Vanda Miss Joaquim, inspires Qua's Orchid Collection.

Orchids: The Flowers Symbolising Singapore - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

Corporate gifting to foreign VIPs can be tricky. We often have yet to acquaint ourselves with the recipient, and yet, must come up with a gift that conveys the value of the business relationship and our wishes for it to flourish!

At Qua, we believe that the solution to this daunting task lies in our very own Singapore — specifically, collections that draw inspiration from our Singapore culture! After-all, wouldn’t corporate gifts that have unique Singapore designs leave a deep impression on our foreign business partners?

Building on this idea, Qua came up with the Orchid Collection and the Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection, both of which are inspired by Singapore’s national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, or otherwise known as the Orchid.

Now, have you ever wondered how the Orchid became Singapore’s national flower? Well, it all started with a lady named Agnes Joaquim.

Born in Singapore on 7 April 1854, she took a keen interest in horticulture, winning multiple awards in the annual flower shows. Agnes showed her hybrid orchid which she had successfully bred in the gardens of her family home, in a flower show in April 1899. The hybrid orchid, known as Vanda Miss Joaquim, came in first. Unfortunately, she passed shortly after, three months later. The orchid was designated Singapore’s national flower in 1981, and it also became a major commercial success through the years. 

Being Singapore's national flower, the orchid – Vanda Miss Joaquim, has a very significant value and meaning to Singapore. A corporate gift inspired by it would allow them to bring a piece of Singapore back with them, undoubtedly relaying to them your appreciation of your business relationship with them.

Immortalise the beautiful flowers as a precious lacquer gift, at the Orchid Collection.