Bonsai Tealight Holder (Aqua Lily), Ivory Nyonya




Qua presents the Bonsai Tealight Holder from the Ivory Nyonya collection. This collection showcases the rich heritage of Peranakan culture, bringing back memories of the past with the bright and colourful tiles incorporated into the products. This candle holder is perfect for a housewarming gift or for an overseas visitor to take back a piece of Singapore Heritage.

Product Code: BTE-PTW(I)
Product Size: L 25cm x W 8cm x H 4cm
Packaging: Fabric Box
Size (inclusive of packaging): L 25.5cm x W 9.5cm x H 5.5cm
Weight: 310g
Material: Lacquer on Wood


Qua Presents

The Ivory Nyonya Collection

The early Peranakans adopted a practice of incorporating expensive decorative ceramic tiles into the interior and exterior of their houses as a reflection of their lifestyle and status. ​ The decorative tiles, usually in floral motifs, would pastel and vibrant colours into their Victorian architecture houses that reflect the East meets West blend of the Straits Chinese. Due to both time and modernization in Singapore, the production of these tiles in Singapore slowly diminished along with the forgotten Peranakan Heritage, and eventually ceased in production.​ The Ivory Nyonya Collections presents a modern twist to the classic Peranakan tiles.

The Ivory Nyonya Collection

The collection puts a modern spin on the classic Peranakan tiles, against the backdrop of matte white and teal lacquer. The tiles are specially treated, to give it a three dimensional look.  

Handmade by Artisans, Designed to Endure

Qua lacquerware is characterised by its distinctive rich lustre and enduring shine, which is painstakingly handmade and polished by our artisans. A unique material, working with natural lacquer requires utmost patience and skills, which is evident in the beautiful sheen of all the finished products. 

The Perfect Addition to Your Home

Place a modern spin to your Asian home decor beyond lacquerware. Besides lacquer tissue holders, tea boxes, trinket boxes, candle holders, stationery holders, coasters and trays, the Ivory Nyonya Collection includes also silky soft cushion covers. 

The Ideal Gift

Qua Lacquerware offers a range of stunning lacquerware pieces that are perfect for showing your appreciation for the special ones in your life. From elegant tea boxes to stylish serving trays, our handmade and customisable lacquerware is the perfect way to honour them.