Pen Holder, William Farquhar (Pitta)




Qua presents the Pen Holder with the artwork of the Blue-winged Pitta from the William Farquhar collection. It serves as an organiser for stationery items, and is the perfect Singapore corporate gift and souvenir for overseas visitors and guests.

This colourful resident of Southeast Asia and Malaysia is an uncommon visitor to Singapore. It is often foraging for earthworms and snails in the leaf litter, but can also be perched on low trees such as the wild mangosteen tree as in this drawing. This is one of the 477 watercolour drawings commissioned by William Farquhar, depicting the flora and fauna of the Malay Peninsula at that time.

Product Code: OV12-WF (Pitta)
Product Size: L 7cm x W 7cm x H 12.2cm
Packaging: Fabric Box
Size: (inclusive of packaging): L 13.5cm x W 9cm x H 8cm
Weight: 255 g
Material: Lacquer on Wood


Qua Presents

William Farquhar Collection

The collection comprises 477 watercolour drawings commissioned by William Farquhar, the first Resident and Commandant of Singapore (1819-1823), during his prior tenure as Resident of Melaka. These natural history drawings depict the flora and fauna of the Malay Peninsula, most likely accomplished by local Chinese artists, with inscriptions identifying the species by their English and Malay names.

Qua presents the William Farquhar Collection

In the creation of this collection, we wanted to honour the rich history of Singapore and allow each person who holds our lacquerware to be able to own a small piece of history. We chose to use the beautiful watercolour drawings commissioned by the iconic figure, William Farquhar. These drawings by unidentified Chinese artists illustrate the floral and fauna of Malacca and Singapore.

Handmade by Artisans, Designed to Endure

Qua lacquerware is characterised by its distinctive rich lustre and enduring shine, which ispainstakingly handmade and polished by our artisans. A unique material, working with natural lacquer requires utmost patience and skills, which is evident in the beautiful sheen of all the finished products.

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