Desk Organiser, Shophouse Blessings - Green - Qua | Distinctive Gifts
Desk Organiser, Shophouse Blessings - Green - Qua | Distinctive Gifts
Desk Organiser, Shophouse Blessings - Green - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

Desk Organiser, Shophouse Blessings - Green




Qua presents the Desk Organiser from our collaboration with Jessica Wong, the Shophouse Blessings Collection. With the blessing '福乐安康 - Bliss, Joy, Peace, Health' this is the ideal practical present to express your wishes to homeowners while also serving as a keepsake for our local Shophouses homes.

Product Code: DORG-1 (green)
Material: Lacquer on Wood
Packaging: Fabric Box
Product Size: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
Product Size (inclusive of packaging): L10 x 10 x 10.5 cm
Weight: 400 g


Qua Presents

Shophouse Blessings Collection

Inspired by Singapore’s rich history and heritage found in shophouses, these pen holders feature the key design elements of a Singaporean shophouse. Richly decorated with elements drawn from a mix of cultures across East and West; the side elevation, which features a pitched roof for our rainy weather, the five-foot way, designed to give passage to the community in all weather; and the slanted structure, which was done to cleverly take advantage of the maximum area when aligning the front facades along roads, as well as the back for the back lanes.

The Shophouse Blessings Collection

The characters in Chinese on the desk organiser are used to wish blessings upon the receiver, which can also be found on windows and doors of shophouses in Singapore. These elements of the facade together with the blessings are intricately painted with gold foil.
"福乐安康" wishes the owner prosperity in health, bliss in work, and finds inner peace amidst life's hustles. May this piece remind us to cherish each moment, find contentment in little things, and safeguard our well-being above all other endeavors.

"和睦相处" focuses on fostering harmony. The message: 'To Live in Harmony' hopes to spread gentle reminders to respect others, build understanding through open communication and seek common ground. May it spur kindness towards our neighbours and awakens in us the spirit of grace for a cohesive community.
"长发兴隆" Always be Thriving and Prosperous captures the hustle and bustle of home and shop under one roof. Its design envisions businesses and patrons alike scaling new heights in prosperity together for generations to come. May this piece spur perseverance through both ease and difficulty, and remind that progress comes with persistence, diligence and faith in tomorrow.

Details that Matter

A closer look at the distinctive five-foot way of shophouses, interpreted in the Shophouse Blessings Collection. Traditionally, each shophouse has a pitched roof on the side elevation, and they formed a continuous covered five-foot route when nestled next to each other, creating a covered walkway for the community to utilise in all weathers. The five-foot way is not just a means of transportation, but it is also a hub of social activity!

Handmade by Artisans, Designed to Endure

Qua lacquerware is characterised by its distinctive rich lustre and enduring shine, which is painstakingly handmade and polished by our artisans. A unique material, working with natural lacquer requires utmost patience and skills, which is evident in the beautiful sheen of all the finished products.

The Ideal Gift

Qua Lacquerware offers a range of stunning lacquerware pieces that are perfect for showing your appreciation for the special ones in your life. From elegant tea boxes to stylish serving trays, our handmade and customisable lacquerware is the perfect way to honour them.