Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)
Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)
Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)
Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)
Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)

Treasure Box, A Singapore Christmas Trail (Nyonya)



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Christmas Collection

A Singapore Christmas Trail features three poetic watercolour paintings by artist Queck Mei Chien, celebrating the most wonderful time of the year in the quirky, flavourful pockets of our city-state. Our iconic shophouses are visited by no other than Santa Claus; a little angel is led in for a visit by a Nonya clad in the traditional Sarong Kebaya; and a snowman slides down in glee at the Dragon Playground of Toa Payoh. 2020 and 2021 had been the one of the most trying two years for all of us, and we hope that this collection serves as a reminder that there can be beauty, romance and joy of Christmas wherever we are.


A Christmas Trail Collection

The 12 zodiac animals are a big part of the Chinese culture. Besides the more commonly known 12-year cycle, we also use it in time-telling, in periods, days, months. In this collection, the Chinese characters of the animals hide some Easter eggs in plain sight. Find the respective animals' little details in the gold calligraphy artwork! Can you spot the tiger's tail and rabbit in the picture on the left? 

Handmade by Artisans, Designed to Endure

In one scene, our beloved shophouses stand tall as Santa Claus himself pays a merry visit, adding a touch of whimsy to the historic streets. Another painting depicts a little angel guided by a Nonya adorned in the elegant Sarong Kebaya, symbolizing the fusion of cultures that defines Singapore's unique Christmas celebrations. And in a playful nod to tradition, a snowman gleefully slides down the iconic Dragon Playground of Toa Payoh, bringing joy to young and old alike.

"A Singapore Christmas Trail" serves as a poignant reminder that amidst adversity, there is still beauty, romance, and joy to be found in the festive season. May these enchanting paintings inspire us to embrace the spirit of Christmas wherever we may be, filling our hearts with hope and gratitude for the moments of magic that unite us all.

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