Style Your Home with Orchids

Style Your Home with Orchids - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

Tight on schedule and in need of a last minute spruce-up for your home? We've got a quick solution for you! 

Subtle, yet eye-catching, the orchid flower is a symbol for love and perfect for elevating your space. Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, has been immortalised to beautiful, shiny lacquer pieces in the hands of Qua's artisans. The more subtle pink and yellow orchids are painted on the luxurious golds and reds for a stunning contrast. 

Round Trinket Box

A favourite amongst our customers, the round lacquer trinket box is ideal for knick-knacks, small snacks, or little mementos. Each orchid is drawn by our artisans, wonderfully made as a dose of magic to your home.

Square Trinket Box

The square trinket box too, is perfect for holding coins, small items or snacks for your coffee table or counter. 

Stationery Box

Our compartmentalised stationery box allows you to be organised for your work desk. Be inspired and be more productive with the beauty of nature.

The lacquerware from the Orchid Collection are not only perfect for your home, but great as a corporate gift too.

We are proudly Singaporean, and our beautiful home is where we draw the most inspiration from. Our Uniquely Singapore Orchid Collection is ideal for your local or foreign friends. Going beyond just lacquer boxes, the collection too offers coaster sets, office desk collections, to bigger items, such as tea boxes and jewellery boxes.

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