Socially Responsible Merchandise: Collaboration with ART:DIS

Socially Responsible Merchandise: Collaboration with ART:DIS - Qua | Distinctive Gifts

As part of Qua’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we are privileged to partner with ART:DIS, a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to creating learning and livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts.

We currently work with two specially-abled Singaporean artists who have vastly different styles in their work — the vibrant Raymond Lau, and the detailed Kenneth Lee.

All artists earn royalties from the sale of their merchandise that will support them into having an honourable source of income.

Singapore City by Raymond Lau 

Raymond belongs to a new emerging generation of Singaporean artists at the forefront of Singapore’s evolution into a renaissance city. A vocal and colourful individual, Raymond excels in both realist and abstract renditions in oil and acrylic.

Raymond was honoured with the UOB painting of the Year award in 1993 and the National Arts Council Young Artist Awards in 2001. His works can be found in the collections of President S.R. Nathan, Ambassador-at-Large Professor Tommy Koh, Professor Arthur Lim, Mr Tan Swie Hian, Ms Chng Seok Tin, Singapore Management University, United Overseas Bank and the National Arts Council.

Through the Looking Glass by Kenneth Lee

Through the Looking Glass Collection by Kenneth Lee features a fish-eyed view of Singapore’s iconic futuristic, almost sci-fi like landmarks of Changi Airport, Jewel, Super Trees and Gardens by the Bay. A young talented artist from Arts & Disability Singapore (ART:DIS Singapore)'s artist-in-training programme, Kenneth specialises in incredibly intricate linework which translates beautifully on our lacquer products. For this collection, we have used a new method of finishing to highlight the intricacies of his artwork.

River Tales by Kenneth Lee

The River Tales artwork masterfully portrays the timeless beauty of Singapore's landscapes. This captivating piece showcases the iconic Singapore River, offering glimpses of the old landscape that includes the historic Collyer Quay from 1971. Collyer Quay holds a significant place in Singapore's history, having served as a vibrant waterfront entrance that facilitated trade activities and contributed to the city's early growth.

In a delightful contrast, the artwork also captures the modern-day landscape, highlighting the well-known architecture that has become an integral part of Singapore's identity. This seamless interplay between the past and present evokes a deep sense of reflection, symbolising Singapore's remarkable journey of progress while cherishing its rich heritage.

The artwork is a poignant celebration of Singapore's transformation, where some buildings along Collyer Quay have been thoughtfully refurbished and preserved to maintain a harmonious blend of old and new. It serves as a testament to the city's commitment to honouring its history while embracing the advancements of the present. Let us be inspired by the vibrant spirit of Singapore, where tradition and modernity co-exist in perfect harmony.

Kenneth, a young and talented artist from ART:DIS, has always had a deep love for drawing and sketching. His passion for art has only grown stronger over time, and he has developed a unique style that is characterised by incredibly intricate linework. Kenneth's art is a true testament to his unique perspective, which is shaped by his experience of the world as an individual with autism, as he is able to express his creativity with astounding skill and precision. From an early age, Kenneth's artistic talents were evident. He would spend hours sketching different objects, refining his skills and experimenting with different techniques. Today, he is a budding artist who has gained recognition for his breathtakingly detailed monochrome sketches. His works are a skillful combination of real-life scenes and his imagination, showcasing his mastery of perspective and spatial design.